• Document Control
  • Calendar and Diary
  • Email and SMS Notification
  • Project and Resource Management
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Personnel Relation Management
  • Charting & Reporting
  • Online Corporate Reporting
  • Project and Task Costing and Tracking
  • Multiple resource types
  • Project and Task Templates
  • Gantt Chart control
  • Issue Audit Control

  • Informs is the ideal tool to record, plan, track and report on Resources, Tasks, and any Project related activities in small to medium sized Businesses / Organisations.

    Incorporated are advanced features like multi-project management, "drag and drop", Document Control, calendar view, automatic Email notifications, SMS function, built-in Reporting options and much more.

    Highly Configurable & Flexible

    • Scalable for any size of organization
    • Dashboard View - provides an instant snapshot of mission critical data
    • Planner View - gives an overview of Projects, Resources and Tasks
    • Configurable calendar with drag and drop functionality
    • Define unlimited skill types and skill levels
    • Define unlimited time off types (e.g. vacation etc.)

    User-friendly Interface

    • User friendly screens and navigation
    • Intuitive interface, requires very little training; Even novice users can be productive in minutes
    • Very Limited administrative tasks required

    Simple Project Set-up

    • Quickly set up your projects with start and end dates
    • Easily assign resources to projects
    • Add unlimited Resources (people and equipment), Skills and Tasks to Projects

    Resource/Project Management and Tracking

    • Get a complete picture of your resource pool
    • Organize resources into categories (e.g., Country, Location, etc.)
    • Share resources across multiple projects or locations
    • Assign resources by percentage or by hour
    • View calendars by project, task or resource
    • Identify and resolve resource gaps and booking conflicts
    • Recognize project overlaps or project openings
    • Assign multiple skills and skill levels to each resource
    • Book and view time off for resources
    • Document Controls
    • Comprehensive Management reporting

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